15 July 2019

Marathon Festival 2019

Read the message of the President of CGC. Gospel-Rizou Chaido-Anastasia.

In the wake of the largest disaster that has ever occurred in the country, in a climate of mist, sorrow, uncertainty, distrust, with steps reluctantly and awkwardly enough, open and this year the curtain Marathon Festival. As the sun rises and the burnt and covered with the veil of redemptive Forgetting the ulterior, because every day that dawns is an affirmation of life, we are here, armed Art, and this summer, we, the stubborn Elytis struggling in a closet to counteract wear. With the belief that Art, as an antidote for our emotional survival in any crisis, heals wounds, as well as optimism shelter and dignity, It helps to make the next step, we tried to ensure breaths genuine entertainment, against the moroseness and evil, so all together to turn page.
Consistent in our efforts to open thinking and cultivation of aesthetic horizons, in times where Art and Culture have passed into the realm of unnecessary, We insist to demand the right to call ourselves People, prefixing them our strengths,, giving the opportunity to our citizens to enjoy quality cultural events.
Our choices serve a broader effort made and reaches over time, to establish the scope and validity of the Festival within and outside the borders of our municipality. Hence the resistance of our time meet and demonstrate that it has turned into a renowned cultural institution that has now gained strong roots. The fixed orientation of the quality is the best guarantee for the high cultural level, both residents, and for visitors.
The events will be hosted on our premises – from edge to edge across the borough – They are able to respond to our artistic aesthetics of citizens in all aspects because of their diversity. Traditional and Art Music, rock proposals, poetry, dance, theatrical performances for children and adults, ancient drama, concerts, Book Fair.
Our main objectives is always and strengthening, encourage and
promoting local artistic expression, amateur lovers of art, and cooperation with cultural institutions of our country and the local communities. We step into the new, the rookie, young people and unknown artists, that tomorrow might be pioneering in their field. Our principle is the entire organization to a springboard expression, creation, dignity and culture. A unique cultural experience beyond the usual options.
Furthermore, in times where individualism prevails and the social fabric is broken, it is necessary to create a counterweight to strengthen social cohesion, an opportunity for social contact and communication and maintenance of popular sense.
With the ambition Festival, for another summer, let the cultural footprint in the region, we invite you to enjoy with the vital luxury of "unnecessary" , but absolutely necessary, that gives us the Art. Come join too, To put your stamp, to become co-authors, interact, because we believe in the live audience, participating, It affects and changes along with the creator ...
To be able to save our "hidden valuables" and preserve "water nests in flames" ....