23 March 2019

The movies of the week

Movies of the Week 21-03-2019. Προβάλλονται οι ταινίες "Η Χήρα" και "Το Πάρκο των Θαυμάτων".

The widow

Thriller 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 97′

American-Irish film, directionNeil Jordan with: Isabelle HuppertChloë Grace MoretzMike Monroe

Francis finds a handbag on the New York subway, which returns to the owner,. An enigmatic French widow, which quickly made friends. Incentives last but not so pure ...

The widow - Cine Alice

Park Wonderland
Wonder Park

Animation 2019 | COLOR. | Duration: 79′
Suitable for all ages

Amerikaniki movie, directed by Dylan Brown

The Joon is a brilliant eight-year girl making her mother a coaster-game, which the imagination of animates like giant theme park. But when she upset deep and clear from her thoughts, the heroes will unite to the joyful redo and save the "Park of Wonders" from destruction.

Park Wonderland - Cine Alice