18 December 2018

Films of the week


Adventure 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 117′
Belgian film
Direction: Thomas Winterberg
Starring: Colin Firth, Mathias Senerts, Léa Seydoux, Max Von Sintof

After an accident, the Russian nuclear submarine 'Kursk' sinks in the Barents sea. Some sailors manage to survive while awaiting help, but which finds a barrier a number of politico interests.

Kursk - Cine Alice

The Grint

The Grinch

Animation 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 86′
Suitable for all ages
Amerikaniki movie
Direction: Giaroou Cheney, Scott Mozier

The canine, grumpy misanthrope Grint and irritated by the cheery, festive mood of the inhabitants of the neighboring Chouvil and decides to steal Christmas.

The Grint - Cine Alice