8 November 2018

Films of the week

Movies of the Week 8-11-2018. Προβάλλονται οι ταινίες "Peterloo" και "Ο Γκρινιάρης".


Peterloo - Film at Cine Alice

Social 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 154′
Angliki movie
Direction: Mike Lee
Starring: Rory Kinnear, Rachel Finnegan, Maxine Peak

The events of “Slaughter of Peterlee”, when the 1819 British police drowned in blood a peaceful demonstration in Manchester.


The Grumpy - Film at Cine Alice

Animation 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 97′
Suitable for all ages
Anglo-American film
Direction: Andres Koutourier

Little Terry unwittingly transported into a magical kingdom, where with a barmy princess must find the key to happiness before the magician Grumpy get it in his hands and destroy.