15 November 2018

Films of the week

Movies of the Week 15-11-2018. Προβάλλονται οι ταινίες "Το Κορίτσι στον Ιστό της Αράχνης" και "Ο Λούης και οι Εξωγήινοι".

The Girl on the Web Spider

The Girl on the Web Spider - Film at Cine Alice

Thriller 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 117′
Anglo-German film
Direction: Fenton Alvarez
Starring: Clair Brothers, Sverir Gkountnason, Silvia Cheks, Viki Kripan

The hacker wanted Lismpet Salanter takes to intercept a highly protected software by the US secret services. But before you deliver it back to the manufacturer, victim of murderous assault and robbery, which to engage in a dangerous conspiracy something out of the past staff.


Louis and Aliens

Louis and Aliens - Film at Cine Alice

Animation 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 86′

A 11 year old boy befriends three mischievous aliens landed on our planet secrets. German-Danish animation over your family, in which we all want to belong. More successful as a comedy of misunderstandings than a minor adventure. Displays compiled in Greek.