1 November 2018

Films of the week

Movies of the Week 1-11-2018. Προβάλλονται στο Σινέ Αλίκη οι ταινίες "Ο Ψυχρός Πόλεμος" και "Ο Γκρινιάρης".

Cold War

The Cold War - Film at Cine Alice

Drama 2018 | A / M | Duration: 84′
Polish movie
Direction: Pavel Pavlikofski
Starring: Joanna Kouligk, Tomas Côte, Agata Kulesha

In provincial Poland 1949 the composer Viktor knows the young, dynamic and ambitious singer Zoula, which falls. In the shadow of the Cold War and for the next 15 years, their passionate relationship will lead them in Berlin, in Paris, Split and back to Poland, stations of an eternal impossible love.

The Grumpy

The Grumpy - Film at Cine Alice

Animation 2018 | COLOR. | Duration: 97′
Suitable for all ages
Anglo-American film
Direction: Andres Koutourier

Little Terry unwittingly transported into a magical kingdom, where with a barmy princess must find the key to happiness before the magician Grumpy get it in his hands and destroy.