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12 October 2018

organize ourselves

Cine Films Alice in October 2018

organize ourselves…We are trying to rediscover our pace and return to normality

  • Cultural and Sports Park, after transfer of the support structures in fire-stricken E Camp, sports venues and delivered to the clubs were restored and painted, to seamlessly engage in their activities.
  • Schools have already begun to visit our facilities for sporting and cultural activities.
  • The golf Kavarnou placed the newly recruited employee of the Public Benefit Corporation, greatly needed for the proper functioning of, having its competence storage, supervision, cleanliness and care of the site.
  • On Thursday 11/10 ALICE movie starts with two first-run projects.

Various events are planned as :

• Annual program of educational courses and advisory support Social University from the broad field of psychology & Sociology has to do with your Personal Development.
'GETTING Saturday, 13 October, 2018, at 17:00 p.m.. in the Library.

• Panel discussion on "Aging and Mental Health", in cooperation with the ceased, the Community Center and the Social Service of the Municipality .
Wednesday, 17/10 at 13:00΄ – 15:00΄.

• «On Tuesdays and something else", with exceptional guests and interesting thematic .

• Presentations of books workshops etc..

More news on our website for each new action. Stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who actively supported the great enterprise of the support of our fellow human beings in this unprecedented disaster suffered our Municipality, and those who helped remediation, to get back to our rates.

& Quot; The man with gun" at first view & Quot; The Unlikely Koala" in 1st screening at Cine Alice.


“The Unlikely Koala” in 1st screening at Cine Alice.