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4 October 2018

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Social University Marathon


From October begins the first year of operation "University Society Active Citizens" in Marathon, Attica co-organized by KEDMA Marathon

Club Social University of Citizenship under the name: Promoter of educational programs

The "Social University Active Citizens" is an educational institution established in Kavala and implements training programs not funded by a National Agency. vector aim is to give the opportunity to all interested parties over age, level of education and professional occupation, to broaden the horizons of thought and action, but also the spiritual interests, through series-cycle educational courses, counseling programs, workshops, lectures and conferences on topical and timeless themes and issues. For this purpose the "Active Citizens" organized the "Social University" program.

The "Social University" operated successfully for five years in the cities astride, Blonde, Drama, Thessalonica, Kozani, Veria, Kastoria, Tirnavos and Mouzaki.

Academic year 2018-2019

The University Social Program during the academic year 2018-2019 It includes subjects from the general scientific field of Psychology and Sociology. Eminent scientists in the area were invited, through systematically organized courses, to offer the members of the Board "Social University Active Citizens' valid, the clarified knowledge and concerns.

Much of our instructors will be trained in the academic year 2018- 2019 in Belgium in Psychology the ERASMUS program + IKY (National Agency for Adult Erasmus +) Sector Adult Education and then transmit the knowledge and skills to his students K.P.E.P.

Classes take place in 16 four-hour sessions per fortnight, October 2018 by June 2019, accompanied by visual material (slides, audios etc.) and the form of presentations, workshops and discussions. Also, teaching materials and target literature posted on the website where, students have access to special code.

From November 2018 will begin following annual training areas:

  1. Psychology (issues of our mental and social health) from 17:00 – 19:30

The courses will take place in 16 four-hour meetings fortnightly, from October to June 2019, accompanied by visual material (slides, audios etc.) and will take the form of presentations, experiential workshops and discussions reciprocally. At the closure of the program will be awarded Certificates Annual Training.


  • We accept the 15 June 2018 until 25 October, 2018 applications for membership records for the segments of adults over 18 years old, regardless of national, educated, economic or social levels and sections children 6 and up to 15 years old.
  • Page Social University is online, where the entry form on the topic is both practical and responsible self-regulation.
  • Students can make up 4 absences for granting the Certificate of Annual Training.
  • The annual training program for each theme of 'Social University Active Citizens "has the following financial aid for academic year 2018- 2019:
  • New member 130,
  • old melos120,
  • the custody award 110,
  • If a student attended two parts simultaneously for the new member 240 total respectively while for the old member 230 euro. The amount payable at the Bank, the account number of the "Social Active Citizens University" : IBAN GR 56017 1618 0006 6181 2768 7051
  • For children, the assistance will be 120 euro.
  • complies strictly priority based on the date of registration.
  • There is the opportunity for students to develop voluntary work (from one to four people) RT in a category of a theme which follow having the help and support (research and literature) of the respective rapporteur. This work will be publicly displayed on an electronic magazine with ISSN or the website of the "Social Active Citizens University" and presented with verbal communication form the National Conference which will be organized by the body every four years.
  • Normal users can register any annual fee 25 Euro where possible free membership will be provided in various activities organized by the body (film screening, Excursions, educational tours and visits etc.).


Those interested can communicate with the coordinator of the county Athens, Mr. Evangelia Nteliopoulou, on the telephone. 6972831063. and the Secretariat of K.P.E.P. Mr. Effie Loizou on the telephone. 6947449794 & 6942434306 for any information and clarification ( web page: ).


There is still possibility of electronic communication to the email: & facebook: Social University of Citizenship