1 August 2018

Amendment Ministry of Interior to strengthen the damaged / fires in Attica

Amendment Ministry of Interior to support the victims of the recent fires in Attica

Greek Republic

Ministry of Interior

PRESS OFFICE Athena, 1 August 2018

Zip. D / Division: stadium 27 and Dragatsaniou 2,

101 83 Athena

Tel.: 213 136 4915, 213 136 4916

FAX: 213 136 4402


today tabled in Parliament the amendment of the Interior Ministry, which simplified the procedures and enhanced compensation of those affected by the fires of 23 and July 24 2018 in Attica. The amendment tabled to the draft of the Ministry of Education Law, Research and Religious Affairs' University of Ioannina, Ionian University and other provisions ".


In particular, the amendment regulated the following issues:


Extends the application of favorable settings No.. 2673/2001 (Second 1185) joint ministerial decision of Finance and Ministers of Health and Welfare, in all affected homes (not only to primary residences originally assumed that CMD), to be able to compensate all those affected by the fires of 23 and July 24 2018 in regions of Attica Region.


Granted the maximum compensation to restore household, irrespective of the designation of the building as "Yellow" or "Red", in order to fully compensate victims.


It provides for the simplification of supporting documents, required for the payment of the economic aid.


The financial aid granted, not offset by the beneficiaries debts to the tax administration and the public in general, Municipalities, Regions, pension funds and credit institutions.


Here is a link to the recommendation of the Interior Minister in the House.