4 August 2018



CENTER WELFARE fire victims

WORKING HOURS: 09:00 – 20:00

08:00 – 08:30 attendance volunteers

08:30 – 09:00 Installation facilities / stay

Volunteer / Drita by sector of employment.

DEPARTMENT OF vOLUNTEERING: Recording voluntary offer 550 – 600 people per day and distributed to the areas of operation of the Center Welfare fire victims . Their work is carried out in 3 shifts Segment operating planning Center, 09:00 – 13:00, 13:00 – 17:30 & 17:30 – 20:00.

HOSPITALITY SECTOR: Fire Victims in shelters, hosted a total 492 people. The Hospitality Center is:

  • 5th CAMP - hosts 160 people
  • KAAF - hosts 25 people
  • AIRLINES - 137 people
  • HOTEL MARATHON BEACH - hosts 70 people
  • HOTEL NIREAS - hosts 25 people
  • MATI HOTEL - hosts 50 people
  • HOTEL CABLE VERDE - hosts 25 people

sector HOT SPOT : Designated in affected areas, based design 3 points HOT SPOT, which provide fire victims residents the following services:

  • Update - information for fire victims.
  • Provision of basic necessities, providing articles emergency-drug, guests HOT SPOT and distribution of relief items, first-aid medicines and katoikon information using the "Door - Door".
  • Providing psychosocial support to groups of scientists of the EWC composed of staff Certified Bodies.


points HOT SPOT - CARE Fire Victims:

  • HOT SPOT – 1 : St. John in New Voutza.
  • HOT SPOT – 2 : In A New Entry Voutza, next to Cafis - Tea.
  • HOT SPOT – 3 : Naoma in the eye

WAREHOUSE MATERIAL : Saves classified by type of materials and products of courtesy, both private and public entities and private individuals / citizens, for daily cover needs:

  • Of Fire Victims Care Centers (HOT SPOT),
  • Meet the needs of visitors to fire victims Care Center,
  • Meet the needs of the population hosting centers.

STORE PHARMACY: Saves classified by type drugs & parafarmaka of courtesy, both private and public operators and private pharmacies in pharmaceutical material: hours 09:00 – 20:00 from Monday to Sunday

  • Of Fire Victims Care Centers (HOT SPOT),
  • Meet the needs of visitors to fire victims Care Center,
  • Meet the needs of the population hosting centers.
  • Note : pharmacy operation 09:00- 14:00 & 17:00 – 20:00, for prescription drugs necessary medical prescription.

RECORDING AREA OFFERS MATERIAL / SERVICES: Recorded and sorted by category, type and class of service, noble goods / materials and services offers both private and public institutions and civil professionals, to meet the needs of the Center, of HOT SPOT and accommodation centers for victims.

FIELD RECORDING / MANAGEMENT NEEDS fire victims: fire-stricken visitors support the recording of the data, their needs for basic necessities, a medicament, in clothing and feeding, on the ground receiving the recorded material from the Material Storage Center. Served every day during the Center's operation 100 – 120 people.

SECTOR DRIVE VEHICLES - DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS – SERVICE "Door - Door": Designs and implements the daily vehicle traffic routes for distribution:

  • Materials / goods in 3 HOT SPOTS,
  • in 7 Accommodation Centers fire victims,
  • home delivery ("Door to door") places to stay 200 fire-stricken people.

FEEDING AREA - HOT FOOD DISTRIBUTION : In collaboration with the Service "Door - Door" of the Department of Motor Traffic, making the distribution of hot food on a daily basis, 600 portions around noon and in the evening:

  • Care Centers Fire Victims (HOT SPOT)
  • home delivery ("Door to door") places to stay in fire-stricken people
  • Centers Hospitality fire victims

PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT AREA: Specialized Groups of scientists from the NRA Certified Bodies, the Social Welfare Office of the Municipality of Marathon and Central Coordination of EWC, provide psychosocial support services daily to the fire victims at the following points:

  • Cultural Center of the Municipality of Nea Makri Marathon, Care Center Fire Victims
  • Care Centers Fire Victims (HOT SPOT)
  • Centers Hospitality fire victims

CLEANING SECTOR – RECYCLING: Ensure cleanliness:

  • Cultural Center of the Municipality of Nea Makri Marathon,
  • The affected areas in cooperation with the Cleaning Services Attiki Region,
  • Recycling of materials arising from the management and storage of goods and materials Warehouse Cultural Center.


Cultural Center of Nea Makri

Municipality of Marathon

Care Center Fire Victims