29 September 2017

The comedy “For name…” at the Cultural Park N. Makris

The much-talked contemporary comedy by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière "FOR THE NAME ..."

comes on Sunday 27 August on 21:00 at the Cultural Park N. Makris.

The story

Victor (Fanis Mouratidis) awaits his first child. Elisabeth, his sister, (Viki Stauropoulou) and her husband Pierre (Chris Chatzipanagiotis) invite him home for dinner with Anna, his wife, (Maria Konstantaki) and their childhood friend Claude (Antonis Loudaros). And while they are waiting for the usually late Anna and have a talk, at some point the conversation turned around the baby and the Victor reveals that it's a boy! When they ask him what name he has chosen to give to his child, his answer will upset the company and cause a series of chained uncontrolled reactions that will bring the absolute chaos! Secrets that were well hidden for years are revealed. Lies that "protected" relationships and friendships come to light. And the motto of the project get confirmed: a kid brings happiness. But the name you will give him ... may bring great trouble.

Comedy "For Name ..." is one of the greatest theatrical successes in France and a candidate for six Molière awards. The same great success met and its cinematographic transfer that has surpassed internationally 2,5 millions of tickets.


Translation: Thodoris Petropoulos

Direction: Konstantinos Markoulakis

Scenery - Costumes: Athanasia Smaragdi

Music composition: Yannis Christodoulopoulos

Lights: Nikos Vlassopoulos

Director's assistant: Elena Skoula

Assistant set designer: George Theodosiou, Alexandra Kapsi


Chris Chatzipanagiotis, Viki Stauropoulou, Fanis Mouratidis, Maria Konstantaki and Antonis Loudaros.