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According to the article 252 of the Municipal and Community Code, the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality
of Marathon falls under the category of "MUNICIPAL PUBLIC BENEFIT ENTERPRISES".

The Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Marathon, is a Legal Entity of Private Law .
The Board of Directors will be composed of six (6) elected representatives of the Municipality (at least one minority), one (1) representative of the social body of the region and four (4) residents or citizens. The term of office of the Board is two years.
The purpose of the Public Benefit Business of the Municipality of Marathon, is the organize of functions, activities and the provision of services relating mainly to the fields of culture and sport, including particular:
1. The establishment and operation of libraries.
2. The establishment and operation of traffic parks.
3. Implement policies to promote and protect local culture, the promotion of cultural goods and contemporary cultural works produced locally, with the operation of cultural and intellectual centers, museums, galleries, cinemas and theaters, dance schools, painting, sculpture, etc., as well as the study and implementation of cultural programs.
4. The protection of museums, monuments, caves, as well as the archaeological and historical sites of the area and those facilities which do not belong to the Ministry of Culture.
5. The use of traditional and historical school buildings and buildings provided by public or private bodies.
6. Organizing concerts, theatrical performances and other cultural events or their participation in them.
7. The promotion of cultural exchanges, at national level,European and international level, in accordance with the legislation in force.
8. The development of non-commercial cultural tourism.
9. The management of sports facilities, such as municipal gyms, sports centers and municipal sports facilities.
10. The promotion and implementation of mass sports promotion programs and the organization of sporting events.


In its modern and high-standard facilities, the complex of the Cultural and Sports Park of the Municipality of Marathon includes among others:
– Swimming pool with heated racing pool, 50 meters,8 routes, Olympic Standards, with electric lighting and spectator platforms, children's learning swimming pool with dimensions 12,5 Χ 10m, changing rooms for adults and children, Administration Offices, coaches' offices, clinics and lifeguards spaces.
– Indoor Basketball court with parquet with the most modern specifications, seats 200 spectators', electronic info board for races, modern changing rooms and offices.
– Indoor gymnasium room fully equipped with instruments.
– Two 5X5 and 7X7 soccer fields with top quality lawns suitable for all ages, with electric lighting.
– open basketball courts, volleyball and tennis with electrified plastic floor and spectator platforms.
– Closed movie theater 350 places for cinema, theatrical performances and cultural events.
– Open amphitheater 800 places for theatrical performances, concerts and all kinds of cultural events and pedagogical activities.
– Café – Bar and canteens with service, excellent quality and affordable prices.
– Playgrounds
– Building Administration including: Municipal Enterprise's Offices,

Municipal Theater of Marathon.
– 250 parking spaces
All areas of the Park are air-conditioned, accessible to people with special mobility problems.